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ENDO 2022

May 13-15, 2022 | Kyoto Convention Center, Japan and online (hybrid)
ENDO 2022

ENDO 2022 was a great success! Highlights and thanks to all who participated

The hybrid ENDO 2022 took place from May 13 to 15, 2022. Although it was not possible for all international faculty and attendees to meet face-to-face in Kyoto, ENDO 2022 and the 103rd JGES Congress welcomed a total of 9,940 delegates, joining virtually from over 75 countries or on-site in Japan at the Kyoto Convention Center. ENDO 2022 will be available on-demand until June 30 for all registered participants.

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ENDO 2022 President Fabian Emura at the opening ceremony.
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WEO Past President Jerome Waye gives his opening address.
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Nobel Prize Laureate, Dr. Barry Marshall, giving his WEO Special Lecture celebrating the 40th anniversary of the discovery of H. pylori, with Co-Chairs David Peura, Fabian Emura, and Hisao Tajiri.

“What an incredible experience was ENDO 2022!” said ENDO 2022 President, Fabian Emura, in his thank-you address to all faculty members, adding: “after careful planning to adapt the best format, it was wonderful to see everyone, in person or virtually from the Kyoto Convention Center in Japan. A special thank you goes to Haruhiko Ogata, President of the 103rd JGES, and Haruhiro Inoue, President of JGES, for collaborating with WEO to organize the 3rd World Congress in Japan! Also, to Prateek Sharma and Yutaka Saito, Co-Chairs of the Scientific Committee for putting together such an excellent and well-balanced program, and to Nageshwar Reddy, Chair of the Steering Committee for his advice and support in organizing this cutting-edge academic congress.”

Some highlights of ENDO 2022 included six outstanding live demonstrations and discussions from three international and three Japanese centers, six hands-on training sessions introducing a hybrid format, 12 standalone lectures given by keynote speakers, eight of WEO’s best-established educational courses, 25 sessions presenting the ENDO 2022 best oral abstracts, and 19 innovative industry symposia.

ENDO was honored to host several distinguished educational lectures, by Nobel Laureate Barry Marshall, Douglas Rex, Helmut Messman, Paulo Sakai, Khean Lee Goh, Bruce Sands, Jean-Francois Rey, Enqiang Linghu, and Daniel Podolsky.

As is now a tradition at ENDO congresses, the learning track offered well-established WEO courses including the ADEC, Colorectal Cancer Screening Committee, WISE Case Conference, Research workshop, VCE and High-Q courses. These learning activities are, in fact, a WEO legacy.

Live Demonstrations and Hands-On Training

ENDO 2022 streamed live demonstration sessions during the first two days of the congress (Friday, May 13 and Saturday, May 14). The six sessions were chaired by 17 eminent international faculty with live discussion and interaction with experts at each of the following venues: the Asian Institute of Gastroenterology (AIG), India, the Asan Medical Center (AMC), Republic of Korea, and the Chinese PLA General Hospital, China. In addition, 17 video cases with live discussion were presented from highly renowned Japanese institutions, including the Japanese Red Cross Society Kyoto Daini Hospital and Kobe University.

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Dr. Nageshwar Reddy performing a live demonstration from the Asian Institute of Gastroenterology, on the first day of ENDO 2022.
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Dr. Huikai Li and Professor Linghu Enqiang, from the Chinese PLA General Hospital.
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Professor Dong-Wan Seo performing a live demonstration from the Asan Medical Center.

Similarly, six comprehensive hands-on training sessions had been developed for the congress. An innovative hybrid format was introduced in collaboration with the Asian Novel Bio-Imaging and Intervention Group (ANBIIG) and with the support of international and local experts. Sessions with international commentators were transmitted live for two full days, demonstrating basic and advanced procedures. On site, 90 participants registered for the different stations, categorized into upper and lower GI procedures.

ENDO 2022 Highlights Gallery

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Abstracts were received from around the globe, comprising 66% from the Asia-Pacific region, 9% from the Americas, and 25% from the Europe/Mediterranean region. Among the 607 abstracts received, 130 were selected as the best written or video abstracts that made an outstanding scientific contribution; these were given as oral presentations over the three days of the congress. In addition, 383 abstracts were selected to be presented as e-posters.

Three outstanding abstracts received the Hirohumi Niwa, Glaciomar Machado, and Meinhard Classen Best Abstract Awards.

An additional 24 top-ranked abstracts received grants from our partner societies, the Japan Gastroenterological Endoscopy Society (JGES), the Asian-Pacific Society of Digestive Endoscopy (A-PSDE), and the Interamerican Society for Digestive Endoscopy (SIED).

Chairs and Speakers

A total of 237 international and local faculty members from more than 35 countries, mostly participating remotely because of COVID-19 travel restrictions, contributed to the enormous success of the event. More than 60 scientific sessions and 185 expert presentations, including honorary lectures, provided every delegate with a learning experience tailored to their particular interest.

On behalf of Dr. Emura and Dr. Tajiri, Co-Presidents of ENDO 2022, we would like to thank all these faculty for their hard work and time in preparing for and presenting their sessions. Their contribution to the success of ENDO 2022 was absolutely crucial!

ENDO 2022 was unique and truly special. Thank you again for being a part of it!

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