Centers of Excellence

The WEO Centers of Excellence program identifies and gathers a group of endoscopic centers with an outstanding international reputation in the performance of endoscopic procedure, education and research within digestive endoscopy.

This group of centers from all over the world works closely with the organization in our mission to promote high quality endoscopy. The title is granted for each center for a period of five years, with possibility of renewal.

There are currently 20 WEO Centers of Excellence:


  • The chief endoscopist of the center must be a WEO individual member and be board certified, or its equivalent, in gastroenterology or surgery, have received formal endoscopic training, and be recognized within their own community and beyond for their technical expertise.
  • The chief endoscopist must be in a leadership role in that center for a period of 3 years prior to consideration of the unit as a Center of Excellence.
  • The center must demonstrate excellence in the performance of endoscopic procedures, education and research.

NOTE: Please read through the full criteria carefully before submitting your application.


  • Recognition on WEO website and newsletter
  • Wall plaque with certificate
  • Opportunities for networking with other Centers of Excellence members
  • Referral of other WEO regional members to Centers of Excellence for further training courses
  • WEO endorsement of endoscopic courses conducted by the center (Terms and Conditions applies)
  • Centers of Excellence Symposium at ENDO, the WEO’s World Congress of GI Endoscopy to be designed and conducted by Centers of Excellence Members or their designees


Centers need to fill out the online application form, providing the following information:

  • Leadership information
  • Faculty information
  • Center information including endoscopic and reprocessing equipment, procedure types and numbers, quality metrics
  • Training program details: attestation to having a training curriculum for advanced endoscopy, quality improvement programs, an M&M conference, and accreditation if applicable.
  • Performance of regular endoscopy courses that may include live demonstration and/or hands-on training.
  • Attestation to international guidelines on endoscope reprocessing and infection control
  • Publication information

You can download a full list of information required here, for your preparation.


Required documents

Please prepare the following documents and photographs in advance, which will be asked to submit via the application form:

  • English CV of the current Director of Endoscopy
  • English CVs of 2-3 senior faculty members
  • A listing of all procedure types performed at your unit with case numbers for each procedure
  • 2-3 photographs of endoscopy rooms/unit
  • 2-3 photographs of the endoscopy reprocessing unit including reprocessing equipment.
  • A listing of all endoscopically-related publications and international presentations from the center for the last 3 years.


USD 50

NOTE: Payment of the application fee does not guarantee Centers of Excellence recognition and is non-refundable. Payment is possible via bank transfer, debit and credit card. For those who supply credit card details on application, the fee will be deducted as part of the application process. Those who select to pay via bank transfer will receive the WEO bank details. The application review only takes place after the application fee is received.


Upon successful submission, all applications undergo review to ensure the required standards are met. If approved, communication to the center via letter from the WEO President and a certificate documenting admission as a WEO Center of Excellence for a term of 5 years, which maybe renewed, will be sent.

For any enquiries, please contact WEO Office at