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WEO are aiming to increase our engagement in underserved areas. This includes Africa, but also South America and parts of Asia.

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For now, we are building our initiatives in Africa and we need to populate them with engaged and motived colleagues from around the world. We hope to build a network of such colleagues and African counterparts for the joint benefits of exchange, collaboration and friendship, brokered and facilitated by the WEO outreach program.

Visiting faculty

The current structure of training includes a number of defined regional training centers across Africa, located in strategic cities and based on sufficient local resources and motivated local faculty. These centers are being supported by WEO – and variably by other initiatives alongside, to improve and develop into quality beacons of endoscopic activity and training in their region. WEO supports by regular training courses, but also independent visiting faculty visits for upskilling, research discussions and otherwise needed support.

For those enlisting with us, we will identify centers and activities for you, and help organizing short term visits, either as part of a training course or outside of that. Typically, WEO will aim to cover travel cost as needed, while the centers will take care of onsite needs.

Remote mentoring

Fellows from the region with research projects – or research ideas, may reach out via our website to international collaborators as mentors for their projects, usually in combination with local seniors. Based on field of research, listed competence and interest, WEO will aim to broker meaningful connections between fellows and mentors, with the idea that the projects should emerge from the local needs and interest of the fellow.

We are also developing platforms for video mentoring of endoscopic procedures, with low cost setups at the centers that allow transmission of room/endoscopy/(fluoroscopy)/sound for video-tutoring of procedures. This will help offering support also to centers which are more remotely located and less amenable to visiting faculty.

Read more about some of the centers and experiences HERE.

NOTE: Registration implies no formal commitment of any kind, but allows us to register you and get back to you for further exchange and opportunities)

In case of any questions, please contact WEO Office at outreach@worldendo.org