CRC SC Committee Material

In this section you can find presentation from the previous Colorectal Cancer Screening Committee meeting from 2022 and 2023.

Expert Working Group Meetings in Copenhagen, Denmark

EWG Meeting on October 13, 2023 | Program

Session 1: FIT for Screening

Session 2a: PCCRC & Quality in Colonoscopy

Session 2b: Coalition to Reduce Inequities in CRC Screening

Session 3a: Surveillance After Colorectal Neoplasia

Session 3b: Artificial Intelligence and Polyp Management

Virtual CRC SC Meeting at APDW 2022 in Xi’an, China

CRC SC Meeting on November 17, 2022 | Program

Hybrid Plenary Meeting in San Diego, USA

Plenary Meeting on May 20, 2022 | Program

Session 1: Early-onset

Session 2: New tests

Session 3: Risk-based screening and encouraging uptake

Session 4: Emerging trends