Advanced Diagnosis in Endoscopy Course (ADEC) in Cairo

July 31, 2023

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The Egyptian Digestive Disease Week (EDDW) is the highly anticipated annual conference organized by the Egyptian Society for the Study of Endoscopy and Hepatogastroenterology (ESEHG). This year, the conference was held in Cairo, the lively Egyptian capital, on July 10–13, 2023. Egypt, known for its rich history, ancient wonders, and warm hospitality, was the perfect host for such a meeting.

A WEO contribution to this congress was the acclaimed WEO Advanced Diagnosis in Endoscopy Course (ADEC). This event brought together approximately 200 attendees keen to enhance their expertise in the field of endoscopy.

Adec 1

The one-day ADEC was meticulously designed by WEO Past President, Jean-François Rey, and offered participants a comprehensive understanding of advanced diagnostic techniques in endoscopy. 

The prominent experts who presented were WEO President, Hisao Tajiri, and WEO President-Elect, Lars Aabakken. The goal of this course is to help clinicians increase their diagnostic skills with the aid of high-definition endoscopes, by case presentations and discussion with experts. The conference hall was filled with enthusiastic attendees, eagerly asking questions until the very end of the event, and demonstrating a high level of knowledge about endoscopic diagnosis.

Tajiri Aabakken Rey Zakaria

WEO would like to thank all the faculty, as well as the participants, who travelled locally and internationally to attend this course. A special thank you goes to Professor Serag Zakaria for his close cooperation with WEO. and for the organization of this exceptional congress.

The EDDW created a remarkable platform that attracted attendees from all corners of the globe, with more than 2000 visitors. It provided a wonderful opportunity for experts, professionals, and enthusiasts in the field to exchange knowledge, discuss advances, and explore the latest developments in digestive diseases. The genuine warmth of our Egyptian hosts and their eagerness to share their culture and traditions made this conference very memorable.

Tajiri Rey
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